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The Return of TV-less Tuesday

November 27, 2012

Last year I started TV-less Tuesdays.  It started as an effort to be more productive in my free time, but eventually it turned into more of an adventure, as I was always on the lookout for new ways to pass the time without turning on the TV.  Unfortunately, I got away from TV-less Tuesday in the last few months.  There isn’t a reason why except that it was just easy to come home and find something to watch.

Then today something clicked.  I realized that I missed TV-less Tuesday.  My old TV-less Tuesday usually included cooking myself dinner, and not the kind that comes in a box or is reheated in the microwave, and listening to music.  I would scan my entire music collection to create the perfect playlist for both the cooking of and actual eating of Tuesday night dinner.  A few times I got so wrapped up in the search for the perfect music that I forget to actually get the meal started.  Some Tuesdays I would get lost in a book for a few hours, only to look up and realize it was time to go to sleep.   And other days I would just take the dogs and walk.  I missed all those things.

So starting today I’ve officially brought back TV-less Tuesday.  Hopefully I can regain that feeling of adventure that used to come with each Tuesday.  And the worst case scenario, I find some new music, take a few more walks or try a few different recipes.


Just shine

November 26, 2012

I posted this picture on my Facebook page today.  There’s something about the simplicity of the picture paired with the magnitude of that quote that really got to me.

There are several occasions where I wish I had remembered this quote.  And sometimes, I have to remind myself not to be the one dulling my own sparkle.

Trying again…

April 29, 2012

After a lot of recent changes I finally felt like it was time to check back in with this blog.  That’s when I realized that the last entry was day 18 of my 30 Days Challenge.  This made me sad because I was so excited about participating in the challenge and then I didn’t even complete it.

In order to give myself a sense of actual accomplishment, I’ve decided to try again.  It’s not exactly the 30 day challenge but it’s a picture challenge that will help me look at things from a different perspective.  So for every day in May I’ll be drawing a subject out of a jar then I’ll take of picture of it.  Instead of posting pictures each day on here I’m going to start a Flickr album instead.  This way all the pictures will be together and I can write about the ones that inspire me.

Hopefully this will make up for the sense of failure I had about the previous 30 Day Challenge and will also give me some inspiration for writing more in the upcoming month.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Another Combo (Day 17 and 18)

March 18, 2012

Day 17:  I don’t need much more than the Beach Club from Jimmy John’s with a bag of Jalapeno Chips to cheer me up during a long day at work.


Day 18:  The story behind this bench will make you laugh but it’s best told in person.  However, this picture is enough to bring a smile to my face.

Change is coming

March 16, 2012

Today made me glad that I am participating in the 30 Day Photo Challenge because I get to document an exciting event in my life.  I signed my Offer of Employment letter for a promotion within my company.  Starting on the 26th of this month, I will be working at the corporate office and living in Houston, Tx.

While, I’m very excited to take on this new challenge, I’ve spent the last couple of hours having a complete freak out over how I’m supposed to pack up my current apartment and find a new apartment all while still working here in San Antonio.  The only thing keeping me calm at the moment is writing out copious amounts of To Do Lists so I feel like I have some control over the situation.

I always think about my Grandma at times like these because she always used to tell me “things will work out if we don’t get shook up”.  I have a very strong feeling that I will be repeating this multiple times over the next few days.  March 26th will either get here before I know it or the next week and a half will be the longest of my life.  Either way, change is coming.

Memory Lane

March 14, 2012

Today’s moment for 30 Day Photo Challenge comes courtesy of a little bit of spring cleaning.  What started as a routine dusting of the books on my shelves ended with me taking a little trip down memory lane.  The following book was actually given to me by a cab driver in Dallas about 6 years ago.

During my first year of grad school, I had flown home to visit my family and got stuck in Dallas for the night.  The next morning I took a cab to the airport and had the most inspiring conversation with the driver.  I had recently gone through a break up and was feeling frustrated with school and work.  While I’m not one to pour all my feelings out to a stranger, my cab driver had a way of putting me at ease.  We talked about a little bit of everything, but what I do specifically remember is that conversation left me with the feeling that I could do anything.  As I got out of the cab he reached over into the passenger seat and handed me this book.  He told me that it was one of his favorites and that he thought I’d really take it to heart.  It was an amazing gesture and I started reading the book as soon as I sat down at the airport gate.  I haven’t read it again since then but as I pulled it off the shelf to dust it all the memories of that conversation came flooding back.  And once again, I feel like I can do anything.

Happiness is…

March 13, 2012

Lists are my thing.  I make To Do lists almost every day.  Unfortunately I don’t always complete everything on the list.  Today was not one of those days.

Happiness is feeling productive.