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A New Year, A New Start…Again

January 1, 2014

It’s no secret that I love the new year.  I mean what is there not to love. It’s the ultimate fresh start.  The one day where you really can say that you are leaving the past in the past and truly starting anew.  I suppose that’s why my love for New Year’s Resolutions goes hand in hand with my love for the New Year.  It’s when I get to evaluate who I am at this exact moment, identify changes I’d like to make, and then get a specific first day to start making those changes.

If you were to look back at my history of blog writing, which now spans almost 13 years, you’d probably see a pattern of frequent writing at the beginning of the year with most of those posts centered around my plans/goals/resolutions for the upcoming year.  I’ll be the first to admit that more often than not I fall victim to New Year’s Resolution overload.  For those not familiar, New Year’s Resolution overload is a completely made up condition where I have set so many goals or resolutions that I quickly lose focus or become disheartened the first day I miss one.  Another problem is that I never truly practiced SMART goal setting in the past, which might also be another reason for not having a lot of follow through.

This year though I’m working on staying more focused and dedicated to specific resolutions.  Writing has been something that has been missing from my life this past year.  While I have done my fair share of writing at work (because let’s face it, my communications career kinda requires it), I have not dedicated myself to personal writing in a long time.  It’s one of the things I miss about my early days in the blogosphere.  I used to be able to just sit down and write.  I’d write about my feelings, my frustrations, the exciting things that happened in my life, and sometimes just write for the soothing feeling of knowing someone out there was reading it.

I found this article last week on Copyblogger that encouraged us to “just write” as part of our New Year’s Resolution (or at least our January resolution).  For 31 days, for 20 minutes a day, just write.  Doesn’t have to be on a specific topic, doesn’t get edited, just gets written.  So I’m doing it.

There are other changes I’d like to make this year and other goals I’ve set but those are for another entry.  Today I’m just getting started.  I’m just writing.  Well and I’m publishing this too.  I’m publishing this as an accountability measure. So for awhile (at least the next 31 days) no judgement on this blog.  It’s been neglected for far too long and while this might not be the best quality content to start refreshing it with, it is my content.  It’s my writing, it’s my goal, it’s my relaxation.

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  1. January 1, 2014 12:18 pm

    Happy New Year! I look forward to your commitment to writing and let’s plan to do lunch again soon.

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