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My first time…

February 29, 2012

…at jury duty.

Who would have thought that it would take me sitting in the Bexar County Justice Center for jury duty to actually make time to update this blog. I suppose there really wasn’t many other options considering I’ve already knocked out two-thirds of the book I was reading, caught up on all my email, updated both my Facebook and Twitter accounts and checked out the latest on Yahoo News. My mom was nice enough to give me the heads up that the building now has free WiFi so I came prepared with my laptop and a To-Do list of stuff I needed to accomplish. (Blog post – Check)

As for jury duty itself, I have mixed feelings about the whole process. I understand it’s my civic duty and what not but let’s face it, waiting is not my thing. I like schedules. I like planning. I DO NOT like not knowing when and where I’m supposed to be somewhere. It makes me very anxious.

During the morning introduction the bailiff explained the whole jury duty process. You will sit and you will wait. You might get called on a panel or you might still sit and wait. Then they called out names for the first panel. The feeling of anxiousness returned and I tried to determine whether I wanted my name to be called or I wanted to sit and wait. Usually, at least in my book, having your name called is exciting. It generally means you’ve done something worthy of being recognized or, even better, you’ve won something. At jury duty the same rules don’t apply.

I’ve officially been at jury duty for a little over 3 hours now. My name has yet to be called. The waiting continues. The anxious feeling is subsiding as time goes by and I think I’ve actually gotten myself excited about the possibility of my name being called. In the mean time I’m going to tackle a few more items on my To-Do list. And on the bright side, it’s only 15 more minutes until the lunch break.

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