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TV-less Tuesday

January 10, 2012

If you read my last post then you are familiar with my quest to regain control of my life.  One of the things I’ve decided to try is being more productive in my free time.  My job consumes about 50 hours of my week and I’ve started noticing that the free time I do have is often spent in front of the TV.

This morning I woke up and figured that since it was my last day off until next week, I should probably make the most of it.  Usually my days off are reserved for errands and catching up on the TV shows I have saved on my DVR; however, I made the decision that today would be different.  And that is how TV-less Tuesday was born.

My goal is simple.  No TV on Tuesdays.  I can still get online (except to watch TV shows) and my DVR will still be set to record those Tuesday night shows I can’t live without (*cough*Glee*cough*), but my TV will remain off on Tuesdays.  Though today is my first day, I am excited about the prospects for TV-less Tuesday.  For example, here is a list of the things I’ve accomplished as of 2:00pm today:

– Went for a run
– Took the dogs to the dog park
– Gave both dogs a bath (as a result of time spent at dog park)
– Deep cleaned bathroom (as a result of dog baths)
– Tried a new pasta sauce recipe for lunch
– Cleaned out both personal and work emails
– Finished blog post about my day

In my opinion that counts as a pretty productive day. The best part is that I feel good and while that is a positive side effect from TV-less Tuesday, it’s also the ultimate goal for my upcoming year. Even though the day is young, I have a feeling that TV-less Tuesday can only get better.  What all could you accomplish on a TV-less day?


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