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Tammy in Texas – Part 1: My Dog Tries to Fly

July 21, 2010

Despite spending over 21 hours in the car, there was really nothing especially eventful about the actual road trip.  However, I did manage to snap a few pictures of my dogs during the car ride.  The most entertaining of which were Riley looking longingly out the back window and Chloe “navigating”.



I arrived at the beach in Texas on Saturday afternoon and, after saying hello to the family, began quickly unloading my luggage.  After all I needed to get into beach attire as soon as possible so I could soak up ample amounts of sunshine.

Now our beach house is elevated on stilts about 20 feet above the ground and has a nice wrap around porch with a baby gate to prevent dogs from escaping.  My dogs, along with my parents two dogs, were secured behind the baby gate while I headed downstairs to unpack my car.  As I was standing at the bottom of the stairs I noticed a cute little furry head poking out through the rails of the porch.  Chloe was inspecting what was happening down below.  Then, before I even realized what was happening, I noticed that Chloe’s head wasn’t the only thing squeezing through the railings.  She had managed to squeeze her whole body in between the railings and decided that if she couldn’t go down the stairs, she would just jump off the porch.

And in cae you were wondering my dog can’t fly.  Unfortunately all 12 pounds of her landed in a belly flop position on our gravel drive way.  She made the saddest little squeak as she hit the ground.  I’m pretty sure I closed my eyes because I was afraid what I would see if I opened them.  Luckily, my little super dog walked away with only  a tiny cut on her lower lip and a dazed look in her eyes.  My dad, being the dog lover he is, carried her like a baby for the next two hours.  By the time we took the dogs down for a walk on the beach later that afternoon, Chloe was frolicking with the best of them.  To this day she shows no side effects from her attempt at flight.

The rest of my time at the beach was relaxing and amazing.  Until I sit down to write Part 2 of my Texas adventure, I’ll leave you with this.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    July 29, 2010 1:18 pm

    Sounds like Chloe has been talking to Jers about jumping out/off of stuff. Thank God for no broken Chloe bones! Too bad Jers weighs about 6 times as much and crushed hers…


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