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Center City Bar and Grille

June 28, 2010

I’ve been following Center City Bar and Grille on Twitter for a while now.  I would often see their Tweets around lunchtime but I never actually made it in to eat.  So when my friends invited me to join them for dinner at Center City Bar and Grille last Tuesday I jumped at the chance.  I quickly logged onto their Facebook page to figure out where exactly they were located and became even more excited when I saw this:

The wings were delicious, the beer selection was great and the staff was extremely friendly.  I was surprised that the crowd was small especially with free wings being offered but I have a feeling that will change with time.  The location is perfect for an after-work crowd who’s looking to have some drinks and snacks.  One group of customers I talked to said that they were regular diners at Center City Bar and Grille because the food is good and they liked to support the local economy.  I couldn’t have agreed more.

On Friday, I stopped in again to watch some World Cup and have a late lunch/early Happy Hour.  I ate the Chicken Caesar Salad and loved it.  My friend, who isn’t much of a salad fan, finished my last bit of salad because she thought it was so good.  I also sampled a few more of the microbrews they had available and was pleased with the selection.  the staff remembered me and they were just as friendly and attentive as they had been the first time I met them.  Thanks James, Chip, Sue and Michael for making my experience at Center City Bar and Grille a great one.  I’ll definitely be back soon.

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