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Why I love Walgreens

June 21, 2010

I don’t usually get sick.  While most people spend the winter trying to avoid getting the flu and the spring fighting allergies, I’m the girl who stuffs my medicine cabinet full of beauty products rather than over the counter medicines.  I like to say that I’m healthy but everyone keeps reminding me that I’m just lucky.

Apparently last week my luck ran out because I developed some sort of  illness that came complete with lost voice, runny nose and sore throat.   A quick trip to the doctor on Friday afternoon revealed that I was neither contagious nor suffering from strep throat (as a few office mates feared).  I was sent home with a prescription for a pain reliever and told that this too shall pass.

My next stop was my trusty neighborhood pharmacy to fill said prescription and to pick up a remedy of my own that comes in the form of a Ben & Jerry’s container.  Before I go any further I will say that I love my neighborhood Walgreens.  I visit quite frequently to pick up various prescriptions and most of the pharmacists and technicians recognize me.  However, I wasn’t sure that my status as Mayor of Walgreens on Foursquare was going to help get my prescription filled any faster and the last thing I wanted to do was wait around for my “feel good drugs”.

Maybe it was my rock star status or simply the fact that my squeaky voice was too pitiful to ignore but the wonderful technician filled my prescription on the spot.  Then as I checking out he slide me a coupon for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and said “Sounds like you could use another pint.”  I almost hugged him (I wasn’t contagious after all) but decided against it.  Instead I happily picked out another Ben & Jerry’s pint and paid for my purchases.  As the technician handed me the receipt he said “Have a good day and feel better”.  Little did he know that I already did.

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  1. matt permalink
    July 21, 2010 10:30 pm

    As many times as you checked into Walgreens I thought you were either overrun with some nasty illness or owned a lot of stock.

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